Spider is my name, and this is my old-fashioned, hobbyist, hand-coded personal webbed site. You may or may not have noticed I have this website marked as 18+. That is because I loathe ratings limits, as those enforcing them always unfairly target queer folks, and so rate everything I do as being potentially 18+, to give myself the most freedom to create. One of my most passionate causes is defending freedom of fiction and I know far too much about the MPAA, the Hays Code, and other forms of art censorship to want to mark myself as anything but the highest, worst rating. If porn isn’t allowed then I don’t want to be in that space, it does not matter if I am creating porn or not (but, as it happens, I do create quite a lot of porn).

What is Going To Appear Here

- Homebrew classes, races, &c. for Dungeons and Dragons 5th ed, released for free and into the public domain as per the fan content policy of Wizards of the Coast.
- A ‘calling card’ page that is a list of links to where I am on other parts of the web.
- Art maybe, including drawings, palettes, and font resources.
- Advice on how to make your colours and fonts accessible, including palettes and links to free fonts.

What is not Going to Appear Here

- Business, monetisation, or paywalls. This website is for fun, and any links to wishlists or tip jars is purely that—it’s a tip jar. You contribute if you want, but nothing will be locked up behind a paywall.